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A family friendly sport that upholds the principles of sportsmanship, horsemanship and the spirit of endurance riding as embodied by the motto "to complete is to win"


So you think you would like to give endurance a try? Here are some pointers on where to start and what’s involved to help you on your journey to become an endurance rider! There are of course many other ways you can get started or become involved so please use this as a guide only and make sure to ask questions if you are unsure of something. We are all there to help.


STEP 1: Attend a 20km Introductory Ride or a 40km Intermediate Ride


To start out with you can enter 20km and 40km rides on day membership - this means there are no costs involved bar your ride entry on the day of the ride. To find out what rides you might like to attend have a look at the Ride Calendar on our website www.waera.asn.au and pick rides that are close enough for you to attend. Don't feel shy about asking questions - just email or call any committee member on this website and we will all be happy to answer your questions and help you along.

L to r. Kerry Gibbs & Denver with Sandra Hall & Clayton Illturrina


STEP 2: Become a member of the West Australian Endurance Riders Association


To progress your Endurance riding beyond the Social & Training rides,you will need to become a member of WAERA (http://www.waera.asn.au/club-member-form.html) to gain Novice rider status.  To become eligible to ride further than the training rides you will need to successfully complete two 40km rides as a Novice rider – then you’re ready to tackle an 80km!  Naturally you are more than welcome to do more than two 40km training rides if you wish.  It is not compulsory for a horse to do the training rides before it starts any 80km rides but it must be well trained and fit before that attempt.  Usually Novice riders do the training on the horse they wish to progress on so the horse may gain the physical and mental conditioning needed at the same time.  If your horse doesn’t have an official logbook the training rides can be done on a Daycard for each ride entered - however,a horse can only be entered into an 80km ride or greater if it has an official logbook.  Once an official logbook has been issued for the horse, that logbook must be used at every ride – regardless of the distance entered (Rule H 4.2)  To obtain a logbook for a new (Novice) horse you will need to apply to the Membership & Logbook Registrar by completing & forwarding the appropriate documentation – details of which can be found elsewhere on the website.  Once issued the horse’s logbook is the official recorded history and it is an essential requirement to accompany the horse to every ride (Quote rule H4.2)

STEP 3: Successfully complete 3 x 80km Endurance Rides

The next step in your journey is to learn how to manage a horse over long distances. This is why you will need to complete 3 x 80km rides with novice time restrictions applied. The speed you are allowed to ride will be advised in the pre ride talk - it is important that you attend these talks or you may be disqualified from riding. Take this time not to think about your position in the field or what place you are going to come, but rather in learning about your horse - what it feels like when he gets tired, what he should be doing throughout the ride to remain healthy and sound, what other riders are doing and how they are riding in the different terrains, learn as much as you can, talk to as many people as you can.

STEP 4: Qualified Horse & Rider

Once you have successfully completed 3 x 80km rides at novice pace you are deemed experienced enough to manage the horses that you ride at any speed. The horses Blue Log Book also needs to be upgraded to a Yellow Endurance Log Book. To do this, please complete the relevant paper work available on our website and forward to the Membership & Logbook Registrar along with a Veterinary Identification and proof of Micro chipping. If you have questions with regards to completing the paper work please contact the Registrar.

Janice Raffaele & Morgan Bey

The Spirit of Endurance

Glenn Dix & Shaylen Park AllusionFrancesOverhue PosiedonMoon JoanneZielono Eleazar JMC

Our sport is not a glamorous one that will attract large spectator crowds. Nor is it one that will hold the interest of the person who is simply a fierce and good competitor. Such people have come and gone in the past as they no doubt will in the future.
Although we consider Endurance Riding as a sport, we know that it is something more. Our challenge is more than a test against course, clock and other competitors. It is a test of something deep within each of us - a test of our spirit, our compassion and our communication with a creature with whom we share our life during the long hours and miles of training and competition.
Having ridden many miles with competitors I respect, it is clear to me that what is almost a spiritual union exists between these riders and their horses. There is a oneness which transcends the usual human-animal relationships. The rider has a high degree of awareness towards his horse and this is returned by the horse.
We live in a world where young people are searching for values not always provided by the existing social structure. For many, an involvement with horses has brought the feeling of being closer to nature. The trusting, loving, working relationship between horse and human through the ages began to diminish as transportation and farming became mechanised. However, the relationship with horses is being renewed in leisure activities.
I would like to suggest that it is time to let people know what they can gain by becoming involved in Endurance Riding. There must be many young people who would add to our ride numbers once they became interested. So let us take the opportunity to spread the word about our sport, and hope they too can experience with their horses many hours of happy riding together.

Brook Sample Seven Times Quilty Champion

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